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You might want to reconsider what you eat from outside your home following recent uncoverings at the Kejetia-Suame roundabout in Kumasi. 

A report by Luv FM shows some men and women making ice kenkey with their bare hands and in unwholesome surroundings. 

Large baskets of kenkey could be spotted on the ground, with flies hovering around and occasionally settling on them. 

These kenkeys are then put in a machine to be milled into the ice kenkey. Intriguingly, the persons milling the kenkey do it with their bare hands. 

Occasionally, they are seen washing their arms from the elbow back into the mashed kenkey ready for the market.

Meanwhile, when law enforcers tried to take appropriate action, they were threatened and forced to retreat by the mashers. 

“Though we’ve come back, we are going back again. The issue is, we are talking about public health. Why should we allow you to mill corn or kenkey which is unwholesome? 

“Then again, the environment that they are selling is not the best. So in view of this, we are going back with a full force,” Isaac Basanyin, leader of the task force, said. 

He added that his team will return to the place “with the military or police to ensure that the right thing is done.” 

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