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After University or College, we do some thing called National Service (that’s how it is called in Ghana).

But in Nigeria they call it National Youth Service Corps. So a Naija guy called Oluwaseyi who’s doing his National service has fallen in love with this lady called Esther.

He made his intention known to the lady but he didn’t believe the kind of reply this lady gave him.

In summary, the lady insulted him but in a very nice way.

Esther told Oluwaseyi that she appreciates the fact that he’s in love with her but just that she doesn’t think he has the financial standing to take good care of her.

Below was the ladies reply to the guy on his proposal:

“Hi Oluwaseyi So sad I couldn’t give you my response over the phone when you called, i knew it would actually come to this when you’ll ask me out.

It’s a good thing that you expressed your feeling but the bad thing here is that i can’t date you, firstly, I don’t date corpers, they are overly dependent on that stipend they collect, I know I’m still in school but i still cant.

Secondly, you’re just another guy out there struggling, you’re just a barber, strug-gling to make ends meet, you don’t have the resources to take care of a lady like me, you have no money and you have no job yet.

I appreciate the fact that you’re intelligent and brilliant at what you do and you’ve got a lot of plans but all these don’t bring food to the table and all that can’t take care of me.

I’m very sorry, we can only be friends and that’s the only thing i can offer. I hope you find your type. Thank You .

See screenshot below:

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