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Ghanaian clergyman, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has revealed that he salutes and has respect for Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi who was allegedly involved in scamming of innocent people close to 2 million.

Prophet Nigel speaking on why he admires Hushpuppi said not many people who go to Dubai make it in life. So if the Nigerian influencer was able to make it that big, then he has his respect.

“Okay I was watching him. I salute that guy Hushpuppi. I don’t know if I got his name right. The guy in Dubai who has Allegedly been arrested I salute him. When you see a man that has come to the front line, salute him, it’s not easy to come to the front line and a lot of people are hustling but it’s not easy to be successful”.

The Host of the TV SHow where he was revealing this then asked him that, doesn’t he care about the dubious means through which Hushpuppi was using to be successful?

In response, Nigel said:

“It’s not a matter of I don’t care about the modus [operandi]”.

He explained that even though what Hushpuppi is doing may be wrong, the fact that he was successful in it deserves some level of respect to be accorded to him.

He also called on people not to draw hasty conclusions and judge Hushpuppi wrongly.

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