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A Russian nurse who was reported earlier to have worn a sexy lingerie under a see-through protective gown whilst treating covid-19 patients has attracted sanctions from the hospital authorities.

According to the officials of Tula Hospital where the incident occurred, the young medic violated uniform codes by exhibiting a “non-compliance with the requirements of medical clothing” and must be sanctioned. The communique did not reveal the specific punishment.

However, top Russian politicians, Doctors, and colleague nurses have rushed to her defense arguing that, she cannot solely be blamed or punished for the unprofessional behavior because she was not provided with scrubs to wear under the transparent gown given to her.

One of the Doctors who defended Nadia said that, “we just have nothing to wear; there are not enough scrub suits, which according to rules we should wear under our protective gowns. Believe me, we wouldn’t go naked if we were provided with a complete set”. Others resorted to an earlier request made by the medical team for Personal Protective Equipment as basis for their defense.

The massive support for the young nurse who is just 23 years old seems to work the magic. The authorities have rescind the decision to sanction her.

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